Success Thoughts
from Larry Iverson PhD

"The flower that follows the sun, does so even on cloudy days."
-- Robert Leighton (1611-1684)

Do things ever happen that discourage you? Does it happen that well designed plans somehow fall through? That the clouds hide the good in life?

Stuff happens. You may be able to anticipate much of what's coming, but sometimes you just can't.

The clouds in life will appear. And even though they may block out the radiance of the sun--the sun is still there. And, you can still benefit by the sun though it's unseen.

People with a positive attitude have struggles like everyone else. They just refuse to give in to the negative. Can it be scary? Without a doubt--and it's a choice as to whether you make the fear your primary focus, or your secondary one.

Focus on what you can do, instead of what you can't. Know the sun is not permanently gone--keep moving.

Continually adjust your attitude to deal with current conditions. Because when you keep your attitude light, you are following the path of the sun, even in those dark times.

The Best of Success to You,
Dr. Larry


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